Cosmetic dentistry

More and more patients come to us in search of a healthy and pleasant smile. There is an ever-growing request for aesthetic treatments.
Thanks to modern technology, today we are able to provide solutions to meet these new demands.
Materials for fillings are now able to reproduce the tones and brightness of natural teeth perfectly.
Non-aggressive tooth whitening techniques are able to restore brightness to teeth and a smile.

The possibility of producing ultra-thin facets (similar to veneers) which can be bonded onto the natural teeth without damaging them in the least, inasmuch as they are not touched by a drill at all, allows extensive cavity treatment, stains or other types of imperfections to be covered.
Full porcelain crowns, without any internal metal frame, are able to reproduce the same translucency of natural teeth.
For the perfect realisation of resin veneers or full porcelain crowns, it is fundamental to reproduce the same colour of the teeth and today, this is possible thanks to SpectroShade.
It is also possible to aesthetically resolve imperfections of the smile caused by teeth which are not perfectly aligned.
Indeed, until a few years ago you had to resort to the various orthodontic techniques all of which used highly visible solutions to resolve them.
Today, thanks to transparent aligners (invisalign), teeth can be straightened in an almost invisible way.
Recently cosmetic dentistry has taken another step forward, widening its boundaries. A smile is no longer conceived regarding only the beauty of the teeth but also the tonicity of the lips and the perioral tissues. Radiofrequency treatments at dental clinics are carried out with this aim.
All of the procedures described above are available at our clinic.

cosmetic dentistry


Since 1988 we have been carrying out dental fillings using composite-based materials, which have replaced the old gray fillings in amalgam. Composite fillings reproduce the tones and brightness of natural teeth, making it difficult to distinguish between the healthy part of the tooth and the filling.

cosmetic dentistry


Over time, teeth tend to change colour and darken. There are several causes which can lead to tooth discolouration, but above all they are factors connected to age and diet. With age, tooth enamel tends to become darker. The long-term consumption of foods like coffee, red wine, tea and chocolate as well as nicotine, also leaves teeth darker.

Today these annoying imperfections can be removed with tooth whitening.
Tooth whitening is performed using a machine which emits a special bright light source that acts on a hydrogen peroxide- based gel applied to the teeth, without causing any damage to the teeth or gums. The treatment takes about an hour.

cosmetic dentistry


Ceramic facets are ultra-thin ceramic (porcelain) shells which are attached to the teeth using a special, highly resistant adhesive, without damaging them in the least, inasmuch as they are not touched by a drill at all. The facets are used mainly for the front teeth. They allow imperfections like those deriving from extensive cavity treatment, stains on the tooth enamel, fractures or the wear and tear of the front teeth to be resolved as well as closing gaps between teeth (diastema).

cosmetic dentistry


These are ceramic (porcelain) crowns which do not have an internal metal frame but are entirely made of ceramics. They do not, therfore, reflect the light like normal crowns but, like natural teeth, have a translucent effect. This excellent characteristic makes them particularly suitable to correct any type of imperfection of the front teeth.

cosmetic dentistry


SpectroShade is a high precision spectrophotometer that is able to measure and describe, in an objective way, the natural colour of both natural and false teeth. Once the tooth colour has been obtained in such a precise way, it is possible to reproduce it both on facets and on ceramic implants and crowns with excellent aesthetic results.

cosmetic dentistry


Today we can correct the imperfection of misaligned teeth in an invisible way. Thanks to transparent plastic aligners which work by applying an elastic force to the teeth, we can correct their position without altering the aesthetics of the smile as normal orthodontic braces do.

cosmetic dentistry


A beautiful smile is like a beautiful painting where the teeth are a canvas and the lips are its frame, one reflects the beauty of the other. Even the most beautiful smile with perfect teeth loses some of its beauty if it is framed by lips which show signs of aging. Loss of tonicity, lip folds and wrinkles make a smile lose some of its splendour.

In 2010 we introduced a radiofrequency treatment for lips and perioral tissues in our clinic. This is a non-invasive skin treatment which uses heat produced using a handpiece to stimulate the production of collagen and skin fibroblasts in a natural way, restoring tonicity and elasticity to the skin around the mouth.