Why Italian dentists represent good value for money
in Italy

Coming to Italy for dental treatment may be very good value both from a qualitative and economic point of view.

Indeed, you can combine the experience and quality of the Italian dental school with affordable prices.

The cost of dental treatment in Italy can be up to 50% less than prices in private dental practices in the UK.

Immediate load dental implants, dental crowns, cosmetic dentistry, fixed bridge or dentures and “invisible” orthodontics can be carried out at lower prices by coming to Italy

Increasing numbers of people go abroad for treatment as a result of the high costs of their own dental treatment and the reduction of financial support from the state or insurance companies as well as thanks to the globalization in this sector, giving rise to what is called dental tourism.

You need to look for low cost treatments whilst also considering quality and experience.

If you need dental treatment which is very costly in the UK, come to Italy. At my clinic in Perugia (Umbria) you will find good value prices together with the chance to spend a relaxing break amongst the green hills of Umbria with its cities of art like Assisi, Todi, Gubbio (link to Umbria website) or travel to Rome or Florence, which are only a few kilometres away.

At my clinic, we can offer you many years' experience with fitting immediate load implants together with highly innovative technology: RVG and CAT scans, intraoral RVGs, EMGs, intraoral solder, tooth whitening lamp, radiofrequency facial treatments, at prices which are competitive with private dental practices in the UK.

Coming to Perugia from London is easier than you think, thanks to the direct flights from London to Perugia with Ryanair.

In my clinic

Immediate load dental implant (CEE certificate)
€ 400 per implant

Ceramic/gold veneer (CEE certificate)
€ 400 per ceramic veneer

Ceramic facet (CEE certificate)
€ 300 per facet

White filling
€ 80 per filling

Complimentary consultation and panoramic xray with treatment

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