Immediate load dental implantology

Dental implantology consists in the insertion of an artificial root made of titanium which is shaped like a small screw, into the bone. An artificial ceramic tooth is fitted to the part of the screw emerging from the gum.

Dental implants are the most aesthetically pleasing, safest and most permanent solution to replace the loss of one, more or all teeth, with as many fixed artificial teeth.

Immediate load dental implants therefore allow much shorter treatment times (after only few sittings the final ceramic prosthesis is fitted), the use of only a local aneasthetic, even in situations where all or some teeth are missing, with consequent lower costs.

Compared to conventional implants (delayed load implants), immediate load dental implants do not require long waiting times, there is no invasive and painful surgery, the fitting of implants even where there is reduced bone volume, offer the possibility to recover the masticatory function the same day they are fitted and contained costs.

Dr. S. Cristofani, a student of Prof. S. Tramonte who was the inventor of immediate load implantology, has carried out this type of implanting technique in Perugia since 1988 on every type of fixed bridge, always having the dual aim of masticory functionality and the aesthetics of the prosthesis.

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